If Danny Morales is elected to Congress, the citizens of Arizona’s 2nd Congressional District can finally have what they deserve: a true patriot with core conservative values.

cater http://hueyrich.net/54025-shatavari-churna-patanjali-price.html In 2014, Conservative First endorsed Martha McSally to represent the people of Arizona’s 2nd Congressional District. We were optimistic that the citizens of this district might finally have a true conservative to represent them in Washington. Unfortunately, Representative McSally proved to be a major disappointment and we at Conservative First were forced to place her on our 2018 Target List. McSally is now running for the United States Senate but the conservative light is again returning to the Grand Canyon State.

https://partnerswithethiopia.org/24498-elocon-cream-amazon-uk.html route Conservative First is proud to endorse husband, father, military veteran, and former city councilman Danny “DJ” Morales Jr. in his bid to become the next representative of Arizona’s 2nd Congressional District.

present http://gremoven.ihisa.si/56233-estrace-cream-price.html The Morales family is no stranger to public service as DJ’s father served in the United States Army and Air Force while his mother is a retired civil servant who worked in the U.S Department of Commerce among other agencies. Danny Morales has followed in his parents’ footsteps and answered the call to serve the public with his own service in the United States Navy, by volunteering as a Cochise Co. Sheriff Deputy, and serving on the Douglas City Council.

Mr. Morales’s core principles strongly align with the conservative ideals that are the heart of our organization. As a constitutional conservative, he is deeply committed to preserving the 2nd Amendment which the U.S. Constitution explicitly protects the rights of the citizens to defend themselves against a tyrannical government.

Representing a major border city like Tucson and the surrounding area, immigration is an important issue to the people and Danny Morales is committed to defunding sanctuary cities that do not comply with federal immigration law while also securing the southern border with a wall and hiring more border control agents.

Representative Martha McSally supported a pathway to citizenship for so-called “dreamers” and voted against an amendment to a 2015 Department of Homeland Security Appropriations bill that would have defunded the unconstitutional DACA program. Arizona’s 2nd Congressional District needs a conservative who will be strong on the border from day one. We believe that Mr. Morales is that leader.

Other principles that make up the foundation of DJ Morales’s campaign is the call to abolish the Internal Revenue Service, supporting a fair or flat tax, de-funding Planned Parenthood, de-funding the United Nations, and stopping the federal government from subsiding ailing sectors of our economy. His candidacy is all-encompassing and the type of conservative we need in the United States House of Representatives.

Conservative First is confident that if Danny Morales is elected to Congress, the citizens who reside in this district can finally have what they deserve: a true patriot with core conservative values who is defending their freedoms and ensuring their interests are in capable hands.

On August 28th, we call on the citizens of Arizona’s 2nd Congressional District to vote for Danny “DJ” Morales Jr.

23 July, 2018

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