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Conservative First is imploring Americans to vote en masse on Tuesday November 6th and send a clear and distinct message to the Democrats and the Left that Americans have had enough of their politics of destruction.

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synthesize The confirmation process for President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, was a new low for the Democrats and their supporters.

Conservatives and those on the Right knew they would put forth vile, ad hominem attacks in an effort to derail the confirmation. However, few could have predicted the level to which the forces opposed to Kavanaugh would descend in order to prevent him from serving on the Supreme Court.

Conservatives are getting used to this type of show the Left puts on, and generally they dismiss it as “politics as usual.” This character assassination of Supreme Court nominees has been in place by the Left since President Ronald Reagan’s 1987 choice to fill a vacancy on the Supreme Court, Judge Robert Bork, became the first nominee in the modern era to be destroyed by the opposition. This became known as “borking.”

The destruction of Judge Bork was just the beginning. Four years later, Clarence Thomas would become the 2nd nominee to be “borked” but thankfully for the country and constitutional originalists, he was able to fight back and win confirmation.

What we saw this time around with Brett Kavanaugh by the Democrats, believe it or not, was truly the new low.

Senator Dianne Feinstein and the Democrats exploited a woman for their own ends, and this demonstrated to all that the Left is open to utilizing any necessary destructive tactics at their disposal so long as it furthers their agenda.

Destroy a man’s reputation with uncorroborated evidence? Check. Destroy his family? Check. Then after watching the man passionately defend himself against the accusations, say he is unqualified to sit on the highest court of the land because he was “angry”? Check.

Thankfully the truth emerged and Brett Kavanaugh is now Associate Justice Kavanaugh, but the Left is still behaving like a petulant child. The key to pushing back against the Left and their destructive schemes goes beyond the confirmation of a justice. It is impactful because if the tactic of accusing a person of a crime without accompanying evidence proved successful, then there would be no end to the accusation the Left would present against every candidate or nominee of the Right. It was crucial to the defense of liberty that these fascistic tactics by the Democrats were rebuked.

Now the midterm elections are one week away and the fate of which party controls the U.S. House and Senate is uncertain. What is NOT uncertain is the notion that the Left will abstain from utilizing those despicable tactics they employed during the Kavanaugh hearings again in the name of defeating conservatives at the ballot box.

Conservative First is imploring Americans to vote en masse on Tuesday November 6th and send a clear and distinct message to the Democrats and the Left that Americans refuse to stand for this kind of chicanery. 

Conservative First does not always agree with President Trump, however, there is no arguing the stark difference between what we have seen the past 18 months with the country’s economic outlook, renewed sense of security, and the overall rise in the welfare of the average American versus the previous eight years. Conservatism is thriving under the Trump administration.

It is hardly debatable anymore which political ideology is seeking to improve the lives of Americans and the conservative movement is as robust as it has every been in the country. We as free people must vote on November 6th for the candidates who will support this president and continue the current trend of a strong and revitalized United States of America. 


Note: This post has been updated to reflect the time left before the midterm elections.

12 October, 2018

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