Conservative First Endorses Rep. Mo Brooks for U.S. Senate

For constitutional conservatives, Brooks is the clear choice to represent the citizens of Alabama in the United States Senate

August 2, 2017


Conservative First is proud to endorse Congressman Mo Brooks in the upcoming Alabama U.S. Senate Republican primary to be held on Tuesday August 15th.

The special election on December 12, 2017 will decide the next occupier of the Senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions when he was tapped by President Donald Trump to become the United States Attorney General.

While several of the candidates in this primary will claim to be conservative or “most conservative”, there is one clear choice for constitutional conservatives in Alabama and that choice is Representative Mo Brooks.

Congressman Mo Brooks has been faithfully representing the citizens of Alabama’s 5th Congressional District since 2011 and is the type of conservative that all of us in the grassroots across America should be rooting for to win the primary contest on August 15th as well as in the general election come December.

Rep. Brooks has an excellent track record as a conservative. Conservative First is especially heartened to witness his aggressive stance on curbing the size and scope of the federal government, something many Republicans have been waning on for many years. This commitment to limited government is evident by the bold stances Rep. Brooks has taken on the issues which are most relevant today, such as ending the archaic 60 vote filibuster rule in the Senate.

If we, as a nation, are to truly restore our republic and save America from a runaway federal government which is slowly destroying the country we all love so dearly, then we call on the great citizens of Alabama to vote for constitutional conservative Mo Brooks in the Republican primary on August 15th.


Thomas E. Connors – Political Director

2 August, 2017

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