We need the House.

Okay, here ya go (2010).

Nothing gets done.

Because we also need the Senate.

Fine, you have the Senate too (2014).

Nothing still gets done.

But we also need the executive branch.

Well, GOP congress, thanks to Donald Trump and 2016 liberty-loving American voters seeking to blow up the status quo, you now have all three.

Now do something with it!

Do not convince yourselves that Donald Trump’s victory on Tuesday was not a mandate. It was, and a big one at that. And with it comes action.

In Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 22nd, Donald Trump issued his “Contract With the American Voter” for the first 100 days of his presidency should he win. In case you didn’t pay attention or forgot what he said, you can see a full detailed list here.

President-elect Trump has laid out his agenda that the American voter who elected him and who also voted to keep you in power expects to get done. It is now up to you to see that these action items get accomplished.

There are no more excuses for not repealing Obamacare. No more reasons for not rolling back regulations that are destroying our economy and jobs. Lower taxes? Nothing is stopping you now from reforming the outdated and overly complicated tax code. Originalists on the U.S. Supreme Court and federal benches? Securing the border? Entitlement reform? Congressional term limits?

No more excuses.

Fixing the mess that was forced upon us the past eight years by President Obama and by you with your explicit help (Iran deal), the time for you to make amends for your failures has now been thrusted upon you.


To Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell:mitch-mcconnell-low-angle

You have already struck down one of Mr. Trump’s proposals one day after the election: congressional term limits. On Wednesday, you said they “will not be on the agenda in the Senate.” With all due respect sir, you are a disgrace. We the people know you are a strong opponent of term limits because you are power hungry. Term limits will help eliminate (well at least reduce, it is still Washington D.C. after all) corruption and influence from special interests and lobbyists from weaving its way into the fabric of our republic.

It happens to be number one on Trump’s contract list and already you have said no. How many other issues and proposals will you defeat? Plenty we are sure.

No more excuses.


To Speaker of the House Paul Ryan:Paul Ryan frown on face

Your leadership going forward will be closely watched, assuming you are not booted from your position before Trump’s inauguration in January. You have vowed to work with the president-elect on his proposals to make America great again. Fine, now prove it. Words are just words. We want action.

No more excuses.


To the Republican establishment:

You are one of the biggest losers of this election cycle. Some of you hopped on board the Trump Train when it seemed expedient to do so. Others, while refusing to acknowledge Trump’s rise and connection with the American voter, openly bashed him and even hoped for a Hillary Clinton victory.

No longer will you be able to get away with paying lip service to the Constitution or to conservatism for our votes. The American people rejected Washington’s firm control over our lives. And we also rejected you. You will try to throw a policy bone to President-elect Trump here and there to appease us but his agenda and our agenda is not your agenda and we are coming to take back control of the bureaucracy that has sullied our republic for far too long.

No more excuses.

While we are hopeful that you will change and our nation will be set on the path to greatness, history tells us otherwise. New excuses will be uttered (But we need 60 votes in the Senate; we can’t break through the media’s opposition) and the journey of restoring this republic that lies ahead will ultimately fail. Prove us wrong.

No more excuses.

We will be keeping tabs. The next election in 2018 is not that far off, politically speaking. Join us or find yourselves defeated at the ballot box.

The great Alexis de Toquceville once said, “The greatness of America lies not in being more enlightened than any other nation, but rather in her ability to repair her faults.”

Perhaps no truer words have been said. You have the ability to fix what you and others have broken.

Good luck.


We the people

12 November, 2016

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