Senator Ted Cruz must be re-elected or conservatives in Texas will be left being represented by a moderate and a socialist inside the U. S. Senate. Conservative First is extremely proud to endorse Senator Ted Cruz of Texas in his re-election bid. script This senate race is extremely crucial not only to The Lone Star State but for the nation as a whole. Should Senator Cruz lose this November, it will be a devastating blow to our ability to restore the constitutional republic.

Senator Cruz is a stalwart conservative who can be relied upon to defend and uphold the Constitution while deliberating bills in the United States Senate. Therefore, he is one of only a few members of Congress to receive the categorize Conservative First Index ranking as a “constitutional conservative.”

In many ways, Cruz is the embodiment of a conservative and aspiring politicians would do well to model themselves after him. He has strong convictions on many important issues of the day. One issue in particular that the junior senator from Texas strongly advocates for is term limits, which is one of Conservative Firsts’ top foundational principles. Unfortunately, Sen. Cruz is one of only a handful in Washington D.C. who advocates limiting the time to serve in the Congress.

Other issues at stake in this election cycle include fiercely fighting for our Second Amendment gun rights, keeping our taxes low, limited government, federal spending restraints, standing strongly with our ally Israel, and securing our border. Conservatives who care about these principles and many others must support Sen. Ted Cruz who has been in Washington D.C. fighting for us since he arrived in 2013.

While Sen. Cruz was much maligned during his failed run for the nomination for the presidency in 2016, he held true to his core conservative principles despite the barrage from the left as well as from the establishment forces within his own party. The very fact that Senator Cruz tends to ruffle some establishment feathers in and outside of Washington D.C. is reason enough for us to endorse him.

Imagine being a conservative living in the great state of Texas and your two United States senators are moderate John Cornyn and socialist Beto O’Rourke.

We cannot let that happen.

On November 6th, we call on the citizens of Texas to send constitutional conservative Ted Cruz back to the United States Senate.

12 September, 2018

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