The citizens of the great state of Tennessee have a golden opportunity to replace the awful Bob Corker with a true conservative in this fall’s senate election.

Conservative First is excited for the voters in Tennessee this November as they have an opportunity to elect a true conservative to the U.S. Senate in Representative Marsha Blackburn.

Rep. Blackburn has represented Tennessee’s 7th Congressional District since 2003 and is a stalwart for conservatives on 2nd Amendment issues, repealing Obamacare, curbing the growth of government, and social issues. Case in point, Rep. Blackburn is one of 170 sponsors of a bill in the lower chamber, HR490: Heartbeat Protection Act of 2017, that is unapologetically pro-life.

Tennessee’s U.S. Senate seat election is pivotal for conservatives because it is the seat which is currently occupied by Senator Bob Corker, who is a perennial fixture on Conservative First’s Target List and a total disaster as a senator (Iran nuclear deal). On August 2nd, Tennesseans will have an opportunity to make amends by electing true conservative Marsha Blackburn in the primary and subsequently in the general election on November 6th.

Marsha Blackburn has a long-standing resume with conservatives and she routinely receives high scores by national conservative organizations. Conservative First is confident that if elected to the United States Senate, Rep. Marsha Blackburn will continue her tireless fight for conservatives in Tennessee and the nation.

13 July, 2018

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